Pioneer as a NEW arrival at RMFR estimated at 5 months old.

PIONEER  was born in the Stewart Creek herd of Wyoming, Gathered on Aug 25, 06. Then lived at the Canon City , CO BLM holding facility. Rocky Mountain Foal Rescue went down to the holding facility on OCT 13th of 06 to pick out another load of 11 to come to our Falcon CO facilty for training and adoption. Pioneer was among this group. We decided he would be a great canidate for a Mustang Mascot . To tell his story on his training and growth, so people could see what training a young mustang might entail. Pam adopted him, and down the road once title is recieved Pioneer will be put up for sale as a Fundraiser Horse.

OCT -06  We started off just hand feeding Pioneer to get him used to people. Our daily activities of cleaning stalls and filling water buckets were a new sight to Pioneer but he was interested in what we were doing but not scared. We haltered him in our sqweeze chute, he did well and was fairly calm.

Taking a snooze in the sun after a cold night.

Nov-06 Clipping on a lead with the help of a little hay. Pioneer is only pulling back a little , he is not quite sure what to do. He is starting to lead and starting to except lots of petting.

Dec 06-Jan -07 With the holidays and the bad snow storms we have had, not much training with Pioneer got done. He has been happy to munch hay with his buddies. – I cant wait till spring!

Feb-07-March-07 Pioneer is such a good boy! he is enjoying his groomings now and will come willingly back in from being turned out. He is playing with the older horses on my property and is holding his own. more pics to come!

Pioneer taking a run- spring-07
Pioneer hanging out with Libby my percheron.