Guinea Pigs

What Do Guinea Pigs Love?

Guinea pigs are playful little creatures, they tend to run around their cage like they’ve gone crazy, especially if they are with company. It’s as if they’ve lost their minds. But on occasions they are duller and like to relax, almost like taking their mind of their “problems.” Usually it

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take care of horses

What to Do With Old Horses?

There are many chances that the thinning of old horses might happen towards the spring season. Losing weight is a gradual process and it has not got thin overnight. You might feel that your horse has become much thinner compared to the autumn season. There can be various reasons behind

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MUSTANGS- We are helping the BLM Canon City Royal Gorge Field Office by bringing mustang weanlings and yearlings to our facility to halterbreak and adopt here. This very successful program has helped promote mustang adoption! PMU FOALS We are working to help place and promote foals born on a PMU

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